See your Team in the Super Bowl!

Football season is finally here!  You cheer on your team throughout the entire season, now is your chance to cheer them on in the Super Bowl!

At Title Tickets, we sell team-specific Super Bowl tickets - an alternative option for passionate fans to see their team in the Super Bowl at an affordable price.


Can you believe it? It looks like the pandemic is finally behind us and WE'RE BACK!!! While we fully expect Super Bowl LVII to be played without any fan restrictions, we understand their is still some lingering uncertainty surrounding COVID-19.  We will maintain the same policy we had last year: In accordance with the NFL's statement on COVID-19, our COVID-19 policy is if the Super Bowl is cancelled or played under fan attendance restrictions, fans who purchased tickets for teams that reached the Super Bowl will be issued a FULL REFUND.


Affordable Tickets for the Passionate Fan

The Super Bowl is a lifetime experience that every passionate fan dreams of attending.  Today, tickets are so outrageously expensive that many of the best fans will never experience the thrill of cheering their team on in the Super Bowl. 

At Title Tickets, our mission is to change that and to provide an affordable alternative for the most passionate of fans.

How is Title Tickets More Affordable?

We sell team-specific Super Bowl tickets.  Each team's ticket price is directly correlated to their chance of reaching the Super Bowl.  If your team is more likely to go to the Super Bowl, the cost of the ticket is higher. If your team is less likely to go to the Super Bowl, the cost is lower. 

If your team reaches the Super Bowl, you receive a ticket to cheer on your team at no additional cost.  If your team does not make it to the Super Bowl, your initial payment is forfeited.

Ultimately, you are buying a ticket before you know if your team will reach the Super Bowl, allowing us to offer team-specific tickets at an affordable price.

Watch your favorite team play in the Super Bowl without breaking your bank account.